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2018 Net Worth
Date Amount
Jan 03 $626,129 $$$wise 2017 was not a bad year at all. Hello 2018.


2017 Net Worth
Date Amount
Dec 04 $621,563 One step closer to our goal. Next month will be a tough one.
Nov 05 $611,642 We are still going the right direction.
Oct 02 $604,713 Progress, progress, progress.
Sep 03 $595,121 Direction is still good with all the back to school expenses.
Aug 03 $594,169 Much better than last month. We will take it.
Jul 02 $582,137 Not a good month but still on the plus side.
Jun 03 $580,823 100K increase since the start.
May 03 $567,217 Direction: North East. 🙂
Apr 04 $555,085 We are moving in the right direction.
Mar 04 $542,234 I like the direction our Net Worth is going.
Feb 04 $527,725 There weren’t any unexpected expenses.
Jan 05 $518,988 Moving in the right direction even with the tuition payment.


2016 Net Worth
Date Amount
Dec 05 $512,731 Moving in the right direction again.
Nov 04 $501,749 Our first downward movement on the road to Financial Independence.
Oct 05 $503,766 Our first milestone on the road to Financial Independence.
Sep 05 $498,539 First time posting my net worth online. This is where the journey starts.
Aug 06 $494,437
Jul 09 $490,393
Jun 19 $480,510



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    1. Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by @Benjamin. I see that you are very determined. I am sure you will reach your goal without a problem. ?
      I hope your health gets better soon. I am hoping to carve some time and work on my fitness next year too.
      Good luck on your journey to FI.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. So far, it has been a fantastic journey for us. Seeing the progress and the changes we make every month encourage us to get creative and do more to reach our goal even faster.

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