About Us


Welcome to our blog.  We are delighted that you stopped by. 🙂

We are relatively new to this financial independence and early retirement scene. We just got so tired of going through the motions of the daily grind. We had been feeling like we were running a rat race with no end in sight and it got us thinking about slowing down our lives which led us explore the possibility of early retirement. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that early retirement will be our reality in a few years.

How are we going to make it happen???  Well, there’s no big mystery to it. Spend less, save more. The end….. We made plenty of financial mistakes over the years but we’ve also made plenty of good decisions along the way. We did not want to wait until we are in our mid 60’s to start enjoying retirement. We want to travel, sleep late, worry less, exercise more and on and on and on…………….. We want to live without time constraints. We want to be FREE and we will get there.

Our journey to financial freedom has begun. We thought it would be great to blog about and chronicle  our adventure along the way.