Our Family’s Expenses: July 2017

Another summer month is gone. But the good news is we didn’t have any unexpected expenses in the month of July. I wish we could keep it this way every month.


We continued to use EXCEL to track our expenses. No surprises there.


I know there are many of you out there who like to have a detailed budget for everything. I don’t think that it is for us. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we don’t waste our money on things we don’t need or things that don’t add value to our lives. That is it.


So where did the money go in July?

This month’s big items were, as usual, our mortgage and utilities. I cannot wait to get rid of our mortgage payments. Even though we do have about $48K or so left to pay it off we have chosen not to pay it off in order to invest. Our current mortgage rate is 2.625%. I know I know some probably prefers to pay it off and have piece of mind, especially now, when the stock market is at all-time highs.


Here’s how last month’s expenses broke down:


Mortgage & Monthly Bills: I cannot wait for the day we have no mortgage and property tax payments. For some reason, paying $6000 a year for property taxes doesn’t seem right.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
2,493.78 Mortgage Payment – includes taxes & interest 1883.98
Utilities – Heating/Cooling/Water/Trash/Recycle etc… 306.59
Cell Phone Service 213.27
Internet & Netflix 89.94


Transportation & Auto Related [2 Vehicles]: No surprises and additional payments this month.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
269.67 Parking 50.00
Gasoline 219.67


Health Care & Life Insurance: No surprises here.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
419.36 Life Insurance 74.86
Health Insurance [Family] 344.50


Personal Items: Just a few personal items were bought this month.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
28.49 Personal Items 28.49


Groceries & Household Items: This is the second month in a row we managed to keep the spending under $600.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
581.48 Groceries & Household Items 581.48


Dining Out & Entertainment: This section includes dinners, lunches, coffee shops (we love our coffee in this household), movies, games etc…

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
262.56 Dining Out & Entertainment 262.56


House & Home Improvement: We will keep spending to get the house ready for the next summer.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
379.66 Pluming materials, faucets & lighting 379.66


School/Education: This section includes items like lunch money, school supplies, fees for classes, tuition etc..

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
46.00 ACT test fee 46.00


Miscellaneous: Anything and everything doesn’t belong to other groups like gifts, fees for taxes, annual membership fees etc…

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
60.99 Miscellaneous items & services 60.99


So this month’s total came down to $4541.99. Not so bad when we compare this number to previous months.


So do you budget or keep track of your spending? If you do how did you do last month?


Any suggestions and comments are welcome!

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