Net Worth Update: May 3, 2017

Same boring strategy and another month of moving the right direction. We continued to make our regular mortgage payments, kept depositing $300 every Thursday to Vanguard taxable account, added $1500 to my 457 retirement account and continued to make a few bucks from other investments & side hustles.


Net Worth


Net Worth, Assets and Liabilities


As usual, this month’s biggest expenses were our mortgage and regular monthly bills. Luckily, we didn’t encounter any unexpected bills.

Any comments, suggestions, encouragements, or advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. We know we have a lot to learn and plenty of adjustments to make, especially on the investment and savings side of things.

Here is where we stand as of today:


Net Worth, Assets and Liabilities


Assets, Long-Term, Liquid


LiabilitiesAssets, Long-Term, Liquid



2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: May 3, 2017

  1. Why are you carrying credit card balances and depositing money in a taxable savings account? It looks to me like your checking account and taxable savings accounts are big enough for now. Get rid of the interest expense, pay off those credit cards.

    1. All the cards are paid fully at the end of each month with the exception of one. That one has most of the balance and it is 0% interest. That is why I am not paying it off for now. It will be paid off some time in October. BTW, I only paid 2% upfront when I borrowed that money in order to invest. My investment paid for the interest in the first two week.

      The only interest I am paying for now is for our Mortgage and it is 2.625%.

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