Received $300 for opening Chase Total Checking Account

How long does it really take to get $300 for opening a Chase Total Checking Account? In our case, not too long. Not even a month. I am really starting to like Chase and the products being offered by them.


So, what did I have to do to get my $300 signing bonus?


As soon as I received my $300 targeted offer in the mail, I took it to the nearest Chase. The process of opening a new checking account took exactly 30 minutes. It was pretty painless. Most of the time spent was the banker printing and going over the paperwork. I was asked if I needed to order checks and I said “not this time”. He printed 3 temporary checks for me to use until I get my own checks and that was pretty much it.


There are a couple things to watch out with this deal:

  1. If you close your account within 6 months, the award bonus will be rescinded.

    Not an issue for me since I am not really planning on closing the account. I like what they offer and would like to make this one my personal go to checking account moving forward.

  2. There is a monthly maintenance fee of $12. But you can avoid this by meeting one of the requirements below:
    •  You have to maintain a daily average balance of at least $1500. Not a problem. Started with the following and will keep at least $1500 there.
    • Chase Total Checking accountEach month have at least a $500 Direct Deposit. This one is not a problem either. Starting next month, my salary will be deposited into this account. But check this out. On 15th, I sent the reimbursement from my Flexible Spending Account to this account and I got $300 credit already deposited to my account. Chase Total Checking account
    • Checking + Savings + Investment Account monthly average balance at least $5000. I currently don’t have a savings account and I’m not planning on getting one.


Please, keep in mind that you’ll get a Form 1099-INT at the end of the year. You must report this award bonus on your tax return.

Here is current Chase Total Checking offer page:



8 thoughts on “Received $300 for opening Chase Total Checking Account

  1. “Closing Account Fee: Must wait at least 6 months, otherwise $500 bonus will revert back.”
    Can I just after 90days take for example $10,000 from the account and not closing it? Will this count? Or I have to have $15,000 FOR 6 months?

    1. You need to have that amount for 6 months. They deposit your bonus after 90 days. But, if you close your account before 6 months they will take the bonus back. 🙁


      “Account Closing:If either the checking or savings account is closed by the customer or Chase within six months after opening, we will deduct the bonus amount for that account at closing.”

  2. Wow, I never knew about this offer. I used to doubt them and all those who are promoting it. Why would someone give 300$ just for opening an account as sign up bonus? well, will definitely give a try now. And also, six months aren’t that long for me. As far as my account is safe and secure, I wouldn’t think of closing my account. Have you faced any issue with them? it’ll be better if you could mention both Pros and Cons of opening a Chase account.

    1. To be honest with you it went seamless for me. I didn’t have any issues at all. In addition, once you have one account with chase all the new accounts are also created under same login. One login and you have access to all accounts – checking or credit cards.

      I also like their application. I deposited a few checks by taking pictures without any issues. Nothing to complain about so far.

      There are a lot of people out there open and close bank accounts in order to get the sign up bonuses. Not a bad deal if you don’t mind keeping some of your money in that bank until you are safe to close the account. For example, with this one, if you keep minimum $1500 you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. That is why it pays to have some extra money to make even more money. 🙂

      If you have specific questions shoot. I would be happy to answer. Thanks for stoping.

  3. Me and my husband get this offer and (another $200 on top of that) every two weeks.

    We have done it and it sounds like free money but they do demand you put a large deposit in first. I can’t recall because it was last year but for the extra $200 we had to drop $15,000 in savings.

    Add the $300 for checking totals $500.
    That $500 IS TAXED. At regular income. Ffffffff!!! Not worth it at the time since the market went up 20%.

    1. My wife and I both have Chase Checking. That was easy $600. The cool thing was I already wanted to move my account to Chase anyway. 🙂 I am also planning on getting one for my older son next week. To avoid the fees we need to keep minimum $1500 in each account. But, as soon as, my son gets his $300 we can downgrade his account to student account to get the $1500 out since he is college student.

      I didn’t want to mess with business checking. Parking $15,0000 there didn’t appeal to me.

      So far, we had 2 Chase checking and 2 Wells Checking accounts – $1100. I know we will have to pay taxes on it. But it is still a good deal. 🙂

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