Our Family’s Expenses: January 2017

Hello 2017. I think we made a good start to the new year. There wasn’t anything unexpected which made me very happy this month. No one likes to be blind sided.


We continued to use EXCEL to track our expenses and, so far, it seems like it is doing a good enough job for us. So we didn’t see any reason to change it. I am still not entirely convinced that we need anything other than what we currently have. If we see there is a need in the future we can always adjust. I know there are many of you out there who like to have a detailed budget for everything. I don’t think that it is for us. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we don’t waste our money on things we don’t need or things that don’t add value to our lives. That simple.


So where did the money go in January?

Here’s how it all broke down:


Mortgage & Monthly Bills: Last several months,  I kept saying our Home Improvement related expenses would increase since we were planning on updating the house to get it ready to list. It hasn’t happened so far. We really need move our butts and get it ready.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
2,478.99 Mortgage Payment – includes taxes & interest 1883.98
Utilities – Heating/Cooling/Water etc.. 237.42
Trash & Recycle 33.75
Cell Phone Service 233.90
Internet & Netflix 89.94


Work/Job Related Items: This section includes union dues, parking and pension payments. They all will go away when we retire from work.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
488.34 Work related expenses 488.34


Vehicles [2]: Gas was the only expense this month. We will see what happens to our car insurance when we add the second teenage driver to our policy at the end of February.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
82.95 Gasoline 82.95


Health Care & Life Insurance: Please some one tell me to drop my life insurance. Even if I drop this one I will still have a 100k+ one through my work. It seems like a waste of money.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
481.73 Life Insurance 74.86
Health Insurance [Family] 344.50
Doctor’s visits & Medicine 62.37


Personal Items: Shoes, Clothing etc… This month, we only bought one item. Minimalism here we come. ?

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
24.51 Personal Items 24.51


Groceries & Household Items: I would like to keep this number close to $600 every single month.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
644.06 Groceries & Household Items 644.06


Dining Out & Entertainment: This section includes dinners, lunches, coffee shops (we love our coffee in this household), movies, games etc…

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
204.74 Dining Out & Entertainment 204.74


School/Education: This section includes items like lunch money, school supplies, fees for classes, tuition etc..

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
79.00 Lunch money, school fees 79.00


Miscellaneous: Anything and everything doesn’t belong to other groups.

Monthly Sub Total Expense Entry Amount
47.00 Miscellaneous items & services 47.00


So this month’s total comes down to $4531.32. Not bad at all. Especially if we compare it to last month’s expenses.

So do you budget or keep track of your spending? If you do how did you do last month?

Any suggestions and comments are welcome!

4 thoughts on “Our Family’s Expenses: January 2017

  1. We use Mint for tracking all of our spending. January was pretty much on target for us.

    I’m impressed that you had less than $25 in personal items. You are also doing a good job on dining out and entertainment. We still eat out too much!

    1. I am happy to say that it wasn’t me who spent that $25. 🙂 Months back, after going through everything I owned I decided not to buy anything unless I absolutely needed.

      Lately, we haven’t been going out much. When we do we usually go to coffee shops. They don’t cost much. In addition, Dry January also helped. Every once in a while, it is nice to give my liver a break. 🙂

  2. I used a home made Google Doc to budget for years and now I use the same Sheet but it’s hooked up to Tiller. (Tillerhq.com)

    I keep track of our debt snowball and net worth with the same Google Sheet punching in the numbers by hand. Then I also use Personal Capital to track our net worth automatically.

    1. Even though I keep track of our expenses I don’t really budget. This just gives me a chance to see where my money is going. Then if I see us spending money on things that are not that important to us I try to stop it. 🙂 Just monitoring where the money was going allowed us to stop wasting our money. I use Numbers (Mac) to keep track of my monthly expenses and Net Worth. I had them before I signed up for Personal Capital.

      I do use Personal Capital too. And I love it.

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