Net Worth Update: January 5, 2017

We continued making our mortgage payments, deposited $200 every Friday to Vanguard taxable account, added $1500 to my 457 retirement account and made a few bucks from other investments & side hustles. 


This month’s biggest expense was 6K+ college tuition, room & board payment for the upcoming semester.

Any comments, suggestions, encouragements, or advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. We know we have a lot to learn and plenty of adjustments to make, especially on the investment and savings side of things.


Here is where we stand as of today:

Net Worth


Fixed and Liquid Assets





2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: January 5, 2017

  1. An excellent example of how to keep track of our net worth. This is something most people are either too lazy or too unfamiliar with. But our net worth is what opens our eye and helps us keep better track of our finances. It determines the value of our assets and compares it too the market rates. Thus we are financially more informed about what monetary steps to take and when to take them.

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