EBay Side Hustle Experience/Drama

I’ve written about my closet sweep…. I did take another load to the resale shop last week. I am pretty happy with my progress thus far. During my closet slim down I decided to try my luck with Ebay. We sold stuff on there years ago and that went well for us and never had any issues.


I had some pretty nice boots from a reputable brand. I watched on eBay for two weeks and saw people were selling them at a pretty decent chunk of change. I took the plunge and listed them. In the meantime, I had some running shoes and I SCORED a pair of top end designer shoes on clearance at my local TJ Maxx. I was confident I could make some money off of them. I was excited to embark on my new side hustle. ?


I listed my items and everything was sold. I started thinking this could be my new side hustle. Once my possessions dwindled down I could be on the hunt for things to sell. I got pretty excited about it. I started looking at other peoples items and seeing what they were selling and I was positive my new side hustle was beginning.


Then about 2 weeks after one pair of shoes arrived to the buyer I get a message saying they were too small and she wanted to return or exchange them. Panic arose, did I not clearly mark that I did not accept returns? I found the original post and saw it clearly indicated no returns. Whew, dodged that one.

Or did I???

I did a google search and, to my shock, I discovered that a few years ago Ebay changed their structure in an effort to make things easier for buyers. After reading numerous forums I was very disappointed to learn that it’s very easy for a buyer to contact EBay and say the item was not as described. Their case is almost always approved and they are given a refund. I’m thinking, I can be out the entire amount and not even have the item in my possession.

Why on earth would anyone use Ebay if this rings true?

Most forums said they have the buyer mail it back and refund them the amount minus shipping. But you must clearly state that on your listing. My thought was what if she ruined the shoes? Wore the leather into the rain? Stretched them out trying to make them fit? I’m stuck with a crappy item that I can’t resell.


Well according to the forums, you just have to make up for it in your other listings. Because sometimes you just take a loss. This whole thing seems crazy to me? In the end, I was lucky. I replied back that I wasn’t a store so I did not have a bigger size and she has never reached out again. To the best of my understanding she has now past the Ebay money back guarantee so I don’t have much to worry about.

Except if she were to leave me negative feedback.

I was also surprised to learn that sellers can not leave negative feedback about buyers. But buyers can leave it for sellers.  Who wants to sell on Ebay when they do nothing to protect their sellers?


Any Ebayers out there care to weigh in?


I’ve put my side hustle on hold until I get some more answers.


6 thoughts on “EBay Side Hustle Experience/Drama

  1. Oh man that really stinks. My wife has had really good luck selling things on ebay and I’m not aware of when she has ever had items returned. It’s a nice little side business if you can find good items but I definitely didn’t know of the catch. We normally try to sell things first on Craigslist and then expand it out to ebay if nobody bites. Thanks for sharing your story, definitely a good heads up on the pitfalls.

  2. I’ve had pretty good luck with eBay and luckily no request for a return. I had a recent post on our experiences with eBay and Craigslist, so you may want to give Craigslist a try as MustardSeedMoney mentioned. That said, I think you could probably make a better profit on eBay due to the bidding nature.

    All of that said, it still takes a good amount of time to get the posting and listings setup, so I only do it when we are trying to get rid of stuff. Too much time for me to treat as a side hustle.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the comment;). Craigslist scares me but I think I must read too much crime fiction, haha! I will try and work up the courage to try it out soon.

  3. I’ve sold on Craigslist before, usually larger items (washer/dryer, speakers, swing set). It was always cash only and the buyer had to pickup. No problems, but as with anything you need to be careful.

    1. Mrs hasn’t been a fan of Craigslist. I think it is because of the stories she heard on media. 🙂

      She definitely doesn’t want any one come to the house and she definitely doesn’t want to meet people she doesn’t know.

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