Weekend Reads: Week of November 26, 2016

Another weekend and another weekend reads! This weekend’s posts are more about life and minimalism than anything else. Please, be warned.

As usual, pour yourself a mug of your favorite coffee or tea, find your favorite spot in your house and get ready to enjoy the weekend reads:


Here are this weekend’s four articles. I hope you find them worthy of your time and enjoy them as much as I did. Have a great weekend.

Design Your Life: What Would You Do If You Had Nothing To Do? by Zen Habits.What would you be doing tomorrow if you retired today? Let’s say you had a blank day staring at you. You didn’t have to work. You could do anything at all (although money is still a limiting factor). What would your perfect day be like? These questions are more than just hypothetical questions to ask for fun or idleness. It’s an exercise meant to get you thinking about designing your life.

How to Live Your Life Like a Story? by Isabelle Thye. How do we live everyday like it’s the last day on earth? We live a good story, and be present in our story every day no matter which chapter we are in.

A minimalist Journey Towards Owning Less Stuff by The Elementarist. Many people start their minimalist people before even realizing it. So did Steve. He went from a house to a car. From the UK to the Netherlands. And from being a proud telescope owner to simply keeping a photo of it as a memory.  He was told that this was just a mid-life crisis but he kept pursuing his journey. And eventually found out how to life a richer life with less stuff.

What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?  by Krista – A Life in Progress. What if all we want is a small, slow, simple life? What if we are most happy in the space of in between. Where calm lives. What if we are mediocre and choose to be at peace with that?


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