Weekend Reads: Week of November 12, 2016

Another weekend and another weekend reads! This is not everything is about money kind of weekend. Please, be warned. And, always, try to be the best you can be.

As usual, pour yourself a mug of your favorite coffee or tea, find your favorite spot in your house and get ready to enjoy the weekend reads:


Here are this weekend’s four articles published by two newly found publishers. I hope you find them worthy of your time. Enjoy.

The Science of Making Bold Decisions and Avoiding Regrets in Life by Benjamin P. Hardy. Is your current path actually taking you in the direction you truly want to go? If not, how do you get yourself on one that does? Once on a better path, how do you ensure you stay on the path to achieve your desired aims?

Life is a Classroom. Here is How to Master *Your* Curriculum  by Benjamin P. Hardy. “Intuition is a permanent feature of standard brain function. Meaning, the ‘voice’ is always communicating with us. Yet, we can rarely hear it. The data is diluted and distorted by everything else the mind is considering. But in ‘flow’ the signal is stronger, the message clearer.”

Why You Need to Stop Saying “I’m Busy” by Gustavo Razzetti. The “busyness syndrome” is killing people at work in America. People feel tired, stressed out, and even depressed because of this emotional tension. Being busy makes you feel that there’s no room to for anything else, that no matter how hard you work, you would always be playing catch-up. We were taught that being busy is good, creating a sense of pride: the more important you are, the busier you are supposed to be.

You Didn’t Lose The Election by Gustavo Razzetti. America is divided. We are facing very individualistic, materialistic and arrogant times in this country. This might be a wake up call for people to start really collaborating as a society, not just rallying behind a political slogan.



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