Weekend Reads: Week of November 5

Another weekend and another weekend reads! As usual, pour yourself a mug of your favorite coffee or tea, find your favorite spot in your house and get ready to enjoy the weekend reads:


Don’t Tell Me What To Do by Ty – getrichquickish. It turns out Ty doesn’t like being told what to do. I can definitely relate to that. His article is about personal independence and freedom. “Is there really a difference between financial independence and personal independence? If so, is one more important to you than the other?”

Why I Practice Being Financially Independent Despite Not FI Yet… And Why You Should Too by Tawcan. On the days that he is not working at his 9-5 job, he likes to practice being financially independent. Why? Because he thinks it’s very important to practice this lifestyle that we all are trying to achieve.

Working at Your Desk All Day Could Be Killing You by Aaron Orendorff. From an ergonomic perspective, the typical workspace is a cluster of slow-motion booby traps. This is one of the reasons I would like to retire and/or be financially independent as soon as possible so I won’t be confined to a crappy chair, a cubicle and an old building every single week day.

The High Cost of Active Investing by McLean. Expenses matter. A lot. Ninety-nine percent of investing is about dealing with unknowns – risk, returns, current events ­- but expenses make up that one percent where we actually know what will happen. It’s one area of investing you can actually control, which is why it’s so important to keep an eye on it.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Week of November 5

  1. The mental shift from seeking financial independence to personal independence has impacted me more than I expected it to. Thanks for adding my post to your weekend reading list!

    1. @Ty – There is definitely a connection between those two. I have to say I, currently, do have a pretty good job with great benefits. If I stay there until my regular retirement age I will end up with great retirement benefits too (Health care benefits, pension etc..). But I really really hate getting up at the crack of dawn and to work on things that don’t excite me. I would like to spend my time on things that matter to me and things I enjoy. That is why I would like reach financial independence which will give me personal independence/freedom to do whatever I would like to do. I think the concept of “F@#$ You Money” is a great explanation for the connection between financial independence and personal independence
      In addition, I have been called a control freak a few times by others (many time by my wife ?). I don’t think that I am a control freak. In the grand schema of things I just want to do things I want and the way want. That is all!

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