Net Worth Update: November 4, 2016

Nothing special happened in the savings and investing side of things this month, other than the sucktastic Stock Market performance. We continued making our mortgage payments, deposited $800 to Vanguard taxable account and added $1500 to my 457 retirement account. 

Last month, I moved my Prudential Traditional IRA and Transamerica 401K balances to newly opened Vanguard Traditional IRA in order to consolidate some of our accounts. Bank of America Money Market SEP IRA account is the only one left to be moved there.

Savings account is gone. Not planning on keeping cash in savings account anymore.

Any comments, suggestions, encouragements, or advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. We know we have a lot to learn and plenty of adjustments to make, especially on the investment and savings side of things.

Here is where we stand as of today:

Net Worth, Assets, Liabilities

Fixed and Liquid Assets


2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: November 4, 2016

  1. Hi. Can you elaborate on your decision not to hold savings acct? Is your checking your EF or you decided to go without and invest all? Are you paying any extra on mortgage or only minimums?

    You guys are doing great! Keep it up.

  2. For years, savings account was there for rainy days. It only brought 0.8%. I decided not to keep too much cash anymore. In the short term, if I lose my job I have enough vacation time and I can get cash for those days. It should last long time. In the longer term, I am planning on selling the house this summer and we should get 200K or so from the sale. Currently, I am not paying extra on the mortgage. Because interest rate is only 2.625%.
    In addition, I wanted to keep my money in checking for easy access. I may need it for a side hustle.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

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