Weekend Reads: Week of October 15

Another weekend and another weekend reads!

As usual, pour yourself a mug of your favorite coffee or tea, find your favorite spot in your house and get ready to enjoy the weekend reads:

Life Can Be a Permanent Vacation by Robert Puff Ph. D. Vacations are so relaxing, they give us a chance to see different parts of our world, and they allow us to meet new people. But what do vacations have to do with happiness and not suffering?

Three Mindset Shifts to Achieve Financial Freedom Within Ten Years by Slava Menn. Mr. Money Mustache shares the tools needed to retire super early and says “Rich people get rich by living like they’re broke. Broke people stay broke by living like they’re rich.”

Envisioning Life Without Work by theresumegap.com. Financial independence and early retirement are growing in popularity, but you don’t have to browse the comments sections of Forbes or Yahoo Finance long to find plenty of skeptics. Ignore them. 🙂 Have you ever outlined your goals for FIRE? Does your vision include anything that looks like “work”?

9 Wise Men Who Taught Me How to Put Life Ahead of My Startup by Slava Menn. Life without work is meaningless and work without life is slavery.

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