Net Worth Update: October 5, 20016

Nothing earth shuttering happened in the savings and investing side of things this month, other than us moving some money from our savings account to Vanguard taxable account (VTSAX), making mortgage payments, and continuing to add $1500 to my 457 retirement account. Since we already maxed out our Roth IRAs for this year we couldn’t add any more. Even though our investments didn’t go up much in value this month our savings carried us to over $500,000 which is a big milestone for us.

Action item for the next month is to consolidate some of our accounts under Vanguard. I am thinking about opening up a Traditional IRA @ Vanguard and move Money Market SEP IRA, 401 K from my previous employer, and other Traditional IRA from Prudential. Since those are all same type of accounts.

Any comments, suggestions, encouragements, or advice is welcome and greatly appreciated. We know we have a lot to learn and plenty of adjustments to make, especially on the investment and savings side of things.

Here is where we stand as of today:

Net Worth, Assets, Liabilities

2016-10-05_assets 2016-10-05_liabilities


2 thoughts on “Net Worth Update: October 5, 20016

  1. Congrats on the 500,000 that is a big milestone. My next major milestone is getting my trading account over 100,000. Which as I add and dividends accumulate should be withen 6 years.

    1. Nice. I hope you get there fast. So far, my main focus has been on our retirement accounts and one taxable account (VTSAX) where dividends get reinvested. I am hoping to learn a lot about money and investing during our journey to financial independence.
      Good luck on your journey.

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