Is there an upside to being obsessed?

Obsession is an interesting word which is usually associated with an addiction, out of control compulsion, and/or an unhealthy infatuation. Obviously, it has a bad reputation as a word. Is it justified though? I personally don’t think so. Is there an upside to being obsessed? Of course, there is. Now, you are thinking “this is getting interesting, I don’t know where this is going but, go on, I am intrigued – barely though”. Or, at least, I like to think that is what you are thinking. Just bare with me for a few minutes.

There are good and bad obsessions. It all depends on what you are obsessed with and the degree of your obsession (or craziness?). Don’t worry. We are not talking about obsessed lovers, hoarders, or something in that nature. After all, this is a blog about minimalism and early retirement right?

If you observe a kid you notice that he/she obsesses over a cartoon watching it over and over, or does the same thing many times just because he/she thinks it is fun. I think, as adults, we tend to lose this pleasant side of obsession.
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Can obsession, in and of itself,  be truly good for our wealth and health? I would like to think so. We all tend to fixate on different things in our lives. Can this fixation be used to our advantage? Of course, it can be. If you truly want to achieve or create something significant, even if it is only something important to you, you need to have the tendency to be obsessed with it. People who create great things or achieve tremendous success are, believe it or not, the ones obsessed with what they do. And I am sure you can come up with a few of those names yourselves.

In our early retirement seeking community, it seems like we see those healthy obsessions are already in place. If you don’t believe me just visit Mr. Money Mustache’s blog forum to see how people are obsessed with saving, making more dollars, and investing those dollars efficiently in order to reach their goals as early as possible. They are obsessed with efficiency. And this is a good kind of obsession.

I desire very little, but the things I do consume me.

Being obsessed is one of the key ingredients for achieving the goals we set out for ourselves. I wouldn’t mind using that obsession to be FIREd as early as possible.

What are the specific things you became obsessed about because of FIRE?


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