Mrs’ take on frugality and socializing with friends

I really can’t believe that I am blogging about frugality.  I am the one that is going to struggle the most with this lifestyle.  My problem is that I can not figure out how to balance frugality and socializing with friends.  The very same day Mr DailyGrindFree was blogging about frugality and not eating out I had committed us to meet friends at a local restaurant for dinner.  We talked last weekend about all the areas in our life that we can reduce spending and we both agreed eating out is one of the areas that we can take out of our lives with little impact on us.  He’s not a foodie and could care less; I am a foodie and love food.  But I try to eat healthy so eating at home is a double bonus…  Costs less and is healthier… Winning, right???

Well just two short days after our talk I get a text from one of his friends wanting us to meet for dinner later in the week.  Here’s the kicker….  He wanted to keep it a surprise to Mr DailyGrindFree because he had a birthday earlier last week.  What a very thoughtful and kind gesture from a friend.  I felt so conflicted about how to respond.  It had only been two days since we vowed to not eat out.  How can we change our lifestyle if we only can uphold a new idea for two day?

I debated for about two hours how to handle the text. Could I pull off a surprise dinner party in our house?   I am a notorious over spender and over preparer when it comes to hosting parties.  Trust me, if you come to our house for dinner you will never leave hungry or thirsty.  I don’t mind having leftover food or drinks after the party.  They will be consumed by my family at some point so I don’t think hosting a party is really much of an expense to us.  I made so much food for a party in May that I pulled leftovers out of the freezer for our dinners for weeks.  So, even though our house has plenty of entertaining space I knew I could not keep him surprised and host it simultaneously.  He was going to be home all day and I just didn’t have the skills to pull it off.  I ended up telling him a tiny fib that I said yes to a dinner invite with another couple.  I know I should have checked with him first and I was sorry.

At the end, he was very surprised when we got to the restaurant and we had a nice night.  Looking back I would probably do it all over again.  I know there are going to be roadblocks on our journey and we are going to have to address them as they come up.

Any great advice on how to live frugally and still have a social life with friends would be greatly appreciated?  Meeting friends out is just so easy and has become a habit that we are trying to break.?


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