I was a skeptic

For many years, Mr. Daily Grind Free has told me that he wanted to retire early. He does not want to work for someone else, be told what time he had to be at work or what time he could leave. I have listened to his rants more times then I care to count. Over the years I have tried to show him some empathy but what I really wanted to say was “suck it buttercup that’s what people do”. I love my husband and I support his ideas but this one just appeared to be too far fetched.  In my mind it was really out there and I was wondering if I should be worried that he’s going off the deep end.

You see, I come from a hard working middle class family where early retirement is not presented as an option. My grandmother retired and went back to work months later because she actually missed working. She missed the daily grind that my husband has grown to despise. I got my drivers license on a Tuesday and started my job on Saturday. I wasn’t some crazy over achieving teen, that was just the norm for my family.  I needed to put gas in the car and pay my insurance so I worked. I didn’t mind working, I actually liked it.  I made my own money and I spent every last cent of it. So, I am quite certain my family would laugh if we told them we were planning to retire in a few years. It would get awkward when everyone realizes we were not joking. I was raised under the concept that you work hard for years and then you can retire in your 60’s. Boom. Done. That’s how life works. Needless to say, getting me to wrap my head around the idea of us retiring from the work force in our 40’s was no easy feat.

During, the last several months he has spoken to me endlessly about early retirement and while he was talking I would often be browsing through different recipes or (gasp) online shopping. I could hear him talking but I was not engaged in the conversation.  Somehow he never got angry with me and he kept on trying. Something happened to me a few weeks ago while I was out alone on a run. I had an overload of thoughts flowing through my brain. By the time I got back home, I could not stop thinking about early retirement. That night as I tossed and turned in bed for hours, I just couldn’t turn my brain off from thinking about the two of us off on this amazing adventure together. Hmmmmm… Was I slowly jumping on board with the concept of living the daily grind free lifestyle??? I kept pondering this and it left me wondering why I was being such a skeptic. What did I have to lose in comparison to what I had to gain? That night I announced to him that I was on board and wanted to get serious about this.  My skepticism is gone and I am moving forward with this idea and I am NOT looking back.

Someday I’ll be writing my blog post under an umbrella on the beach, but in the meantime we will keep our dream alive and continue making changes in our lives to gain our financial independence. I am very excited about our future and we will keep blogging our updates along the way.

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