Let the fi journey begin

What is the story behind this blog? Why start a blog and share everything about this journey with the rest of the world?

Why not? To start with, it will give me a chance to record my journey and hopefully help and/or learn from others along the way. Since there is no qualification requirements for having a blog I finally decided to take the plunge. I can almost hear the splashing sound through my screen while typing. Am I great at writing? Not even close. But again, not every one with a blog is.  Am I willing to learn and get better?  Yes I am; you can bet my financial independence on it.

I used to be obsessed about having my own business, reaching financial independence as early as possible and, most importantly, setting my own hours. I wanted to live my life on my terms.  Work hard and play hard.

I had goals to visit most of the countries in the world when I was a younger boy. I loved traveling. I never wanted to be tied down to living in one place.  Since I started college, I always looked for ways to visit other countries and explore other cultures. Back in those days, money didn’t seem like the main issue. It was more like “if there was a will there was a way” kinda thing.

So, what happened since then and now? I have a hunch. I think life happened. Marriage, kids, career, multiple cars, houses (one at a time), keeping out with the Joneses and the unavoidable desire to live the highly sought after American dream. It turns out a good number of  people like me spend most of their time working in cubicles at jobs they don’t care much about just to turn around and spend what they made on stuff they don’t need. I think we live in a country where shopping became a national sport and it is the only way to keep this country afloat. We all have been the main players in this game.  Some of our politicians even called us patriots for doing just that.

I believe it is about time to have a plan to get off the treadmill that is called the daily grind. Financial independence may be within our reach if we just simplify our lives and focus on what is important in order to get there. Luckily savings wise, we are not insanely behind. But we are in our forties. Meaning, we don’t have much time if we would like to call it Early Retirement when we reach it. ?

Lastly, since I still work for someone else for a living we thought it would be wise and appropriate at the same time not to reveal our identities just yet. But believe me I cannot wait for the day when I can. You will be first to know.  It will be a big day and we will celebrate it for the rest of our living lives.

Let the Financial Independence journey begin!

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